Attention Teachers, Trainers and Medical Professionals

Hi, I'm Joanna! I'm a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Body Positivity Coach .

My passion in life is helping people escape the destructive diet culture and find true, lasting health. I am determined to help you finally make peace with food and your body, and not allow the deceptive diet industry or unrealistic media invalidate the vital, powerful and beautiful woman you are. Happiness with yourself doesn't start after you reach a certain weight or have a flat stomach. True joy begins when you learn to accept yourself for who you are right now. At this very moment. Simple concept, maybe, yet all of us seem to have incredible difficulty believing it’s true.

If you are :

Sick of the yo-yo dieting

Gaining the weight back that you fought so hard to lose

Would like to gain more time in your life for things you truly enjoy

Would like to feel empowered

More flexibility in your day

Want to learn to love yourself

Contact me today at   [email protected]